Arkimedeion – Science Museum dedicated to Archimedes – Siracusa
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Arkimedeion – Science Museum dedicated to Archimedes – Siracusa

Location: Italy – Sicily – Syracuse – Piazza Archimede 11 Palazzo Pupillo – Ortigia
Committee: Agorasophia s.r.l.
Financing: private
Inauguration Date: December 9, 2012

Description: interactive scientific museum dedicated to Archimedes, the greatest scientist of the classical period.

Intervention Objective: the Museum Arkimedeion stems from the desire to honor the greatest scientist of all time and, above all, to restore his dignity to continue to serve his hometown, Syracuse.

The request was that of a science museum based on innovative technology, that is highly engaging, with rigorous scientific dissertations.

It is therefore not a coincidence that we have pursued this goal and had the honor of working with Jorge Wagensberg, former director of the Science Museum of Barcelona, ​​physically illustrious and an excellent communicator. His museological theories embodied our goals and his experience has been invaluable guidance in the conception of the project since its inception.

The Arkimedion was to be the site of ” intellectual Joy ” .

Knowledge is a vital function, like breathing, take care of your health, eat and reproduce… However, to know, to understand the reality, it is the most recent vital function and natural selection has not had time to choose a vital stimulus of necessity, such as hunger, thirst, sexual desire, pleasure or pain…

Is there something that deserves to be called ” intellectual joy “? Something like a reward that is associated with mental clues to a new understanding? Is there a mental pleasure that promotes the acquisition of new knowledge, just as there is a joy or a pain that promote nutrition , sexual reproduction or the maintenance of a minimal state of health?

….I can also add that you have tried three types of intellectual joy, one for each phase of the process of acquiring new knowledge, which, curiously, have something to do with the three basic requirements to create scientific knowledge. That is:1. The joy of intellectual stimulation and the dialectical principle of science, 2. The joy for intellectual dialogue and the principle of objectivity of science, 3. The joy of intellectual understanding and the principle of intelligibility of science.

stimulus + dialogue + comprehension = intellectual joy.

And this is the great contribution of Jorge Wagensberg and his supporters, the architect Hernan Crespo being among them. Many others have contributed to this great project that Syremont had the honor of coordinating, channeling the energies of a large multidisciplinary team to create Arkimedeion.

The Arkimedeion is also an expression of a deep feeling that comes from the awakening of a pride that has its roots in a genuinely Sicilian atmosphere and that would now be able to go back a few centuries for Cicero declared “ita nobilissima Graeciae civitas, quondam vero etiam doctissima, sui civis unius acutissimi monumentum ignorasset, nisi ab homine Arpinate didicisset”

Agorasophia s.r.l. (company mixed between CNR – The National Center for Research (Centro nazionale di Ricerca) and  Italia a memoria s.r.l.)
Foundation “La Cixa”
Must – Museum of Science and Technology – Leonardo da Vinci, Milan

Authors of scientific content and museology
Marco Bianucci – Senior Researcher at CNR – ISMAR La Spezia
Roberto Fieschi – Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics, University of Parma
Silvia Merlino – Researcher at CNR ISMAR La Spezia
Prof. Pier Daniele Napolitano – Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa
Luca Reduzzi – Curator of the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci – MUST
Jorge Wagensberg – Scientific Director of the “la caixa”, professor at the University of Barcelona

Design and engineering of interactive exhibits
Hernan Crespo Bermejo, Eugene Coppo

Production of interactive exhibits
Laboratory CNR Genoa
Studio Eugene Coppo

Design of museological and communication
Elena Giangiulio, Claudia Garzon, Ida Morisetti, Stefano Quarateri, Elena Sironi

Production Equipment
Stylokros s.r.l.

Technological systems and multimedia applications
Mr. Richard Messina
Arkematica s.r.l.

General contracting – Project management – Constructing management
Syremont spa

Activities Syremont:

  • Business Plan (feasibility studies, economic and financial analysis – analysis of management models – Benchmarking – competitor analysis and SWOT analysis)
  • Research funding
  • Draft general
  • Selection Working Group
  • Contracts and procurement
  • Real estate search
  • General project management
  • Execution works and installations

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